Welcome. I built this website to empower you. Yes... you.

I decided many years ago that the purpose of my life was “to revere, to relish and to contribute.”

By revere, I mean recognizing and honoring the sacredness of all things, including myself. I am sacred. That makes me pretty cool when you think about. Since you are also a sacred creature, you’re pretty cool too. However, so is everything else that exists. It is all worthy of being honored, respected and even revered.

By relish, I mean fully enjoying all the pleasures, experiences and challenges that life has to offer. I believe that life is a gift and gifts need to be enjoyed in order to honor the giver. If everything, including our lives is sacred, then relishing the experience of life is honoring the sacredness of all creation.

By contribute, I mean that each of us is capable of being a gift to our fellows. We can make a difference by how we are, by what we do, by what we say, by what we create as we travel this journey through life. That is why I also say that the purpose of my life is to empower, enlighten and enrich the lives of others. I am committed to being a contribution and to leaving a legacy.

My life, therefore, has more meaning and value when I contribute to your success; or, in some other way, add value to your life. This website exists to fulfill that part of my purpose “to contribute” and to enrich, enlighten and empower you.

Please explore the website.

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